I’m Rish, a mother of three and proud geek. I’ve been a console games enthusiast since the early 1980’s. From the Atari to the Sega, the Play Station to the Wii, I’ve enjoyed watching the technology evolve over the years. Now, thanks to the magic of science, we have progressed to the point that console gaming doesn’t need to be restricted to the confines of home. The ROM-Bus will bring the games and the fun to you! When you or your kids are “too old” for traditional birthday parties and the current entertainment options in Adelaide, we step in. The ROM-Bus can cater for up to 16 players at a time, and capable of setting up anywhere you can safely park a bus. With the latest in console games and even virtual reality headsets (age restrictions apply), we aim to please everyone on board.

Best of all, 5% of the ROM-Bus profits go directly towards our sister project, the SYLLA-Bus. The SYLLA-Bus brings the fun and educational side of console gaming to schools and hospitals, both in and around Adelaide and in rural towns where STEM classes and funding are less accessible. When you scratch your gaming itch in the ROM-Bus, you bring the joy of gaming to others.


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