Time + Laptop = The Start

“I have a GREAT idea!” proclaimed a friend whilst we were chatting late one night on Facebook. “Imagine an internet café, but instead it has VR goggles available to play!”

It was such a great idea that we discussed it until the early hours, looking at potential cafe sites and costing various PCs. It became very apparent that my friend and I had different ideas about how the space should be used. They wanted a quiet, intimate retreat for overworked adults and gaming connoisseurs. I pictured a large, bright venue, capable of hosting children’s birthday parties and encouraging noobs to try the latest and greatest games.  After much debate and encouragement, my friend’s anxiety and depression won. They felt they were incapable of tackling the momentous task of starting a business, despite my insistence that they were up for the job and that I would support them in any way I could. I explained the idea and situation to my date-mate, who also thought it was brilliant. I had proposed a mobile venue to my friend, capable of acting like a food truck, catering where the demand needed to be met. This opened a whole new world of possibilities, and I was eager to at least try. I once again approached my friend, who assured me they were not wanting to pursue the venture any further, but if I was successful, they’d like to help when they could. The ROM-Bus idea was born.

I’ve spent hours researching options and alternatives and I believe I have the right formula to make this a success. Between the knowledge I have myself and the people that I know who are willing to help, we can make ROM-Bus and SYLLA-Bus a reality!